Elk Creek Fire Protection District ISO information

Fire Departments and Districts are inspected by Insurance Services Office (ISO) to determine its public protection classification (PPC). The classification plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. In fact, most U.S. insurers use the classification as part of their decision-making when deciding what business to write, coverages to offer or prices to charge for homeowner or commercial property insurance.

Classification ratings are Class 1 through 10, with 1 being the best rated. Class 10 Class 10 is considered “unprotected”, either due to the lack of a fire department covering the property or excessive distance from a fire station. The Elk Creek Fire Protection District is rated a Class 5 in those areas within 5 miles of a fire station. In 2016 Elk Creek Fire Protection District entered into an automatic aid agreement with the surrounding fire departments. This made all of the properties within 5 miles of Any fire station, including neighboring fire districts fire station a Public Protection Class 5. See the list below of the neighboring districts. Properties more than 5 miles from any fire station are rated a Class 10.

The classification program is important to communities and fire departments as well. Communities whose classification rating is lower may also get lower insurance rates. The classification also provides fire agencies with a valuable benchmark tool when planning and budgeting. The most significant benefit of the ISO rating is its effect on losses. Data on insurance losses bears out that excellent fire protection means low fire losses.

The ISO inspection and review process includes the following components: Emergency communications system, firefighting capability, water supply systems including the fire district’s water tender system, and community risk reduction programs.

Elk Creek Fire has four stations:

  • Station 1 11993 Blackfoot Rd. Conifer, CO 80433 (Staffed 24/7)
  • Station 2 650 Mount Evans Boulevard Pine, CO 80470 (Volunteer)
  • Station 3 10956 Timothy’s Dr. Conifer, CO 80433 (Volunteer)
  • Station 4 9737 Rhodus St. Conifer, CO 80433 (Volunteer)

In addition, the fire district receives automatic aid from several departments, when an incident is close to the border between fire departments :

  • Platte Canyon Station 2 153 Delwood Drive, Bailey, CO 80421 (Staffed 24/7)
  • North Fork Station 2 16675 County Road 126, Pine, CO 80470 (Volunteer)
  • Inter Canyon Station 2 10591 South Deer Creek Road, Littleton, CO 80127 (Volunteer)
  • Inter Canyon Station 3 8445 South US Highway 285 Morrison, CO 80465 (Volunteer)
  • Inter Canyon Station 5 10304 Georgia Circle, Morrison, CO 80465 (Volunteer)
  • Evergreen Station 3 6940 Hwy 73, Evergreen CO, 80439 (Volunteer)
  • Evergreen Station 8 33377 Forest Estates Rd, Evergreen CO, 80439 (Volunteer)

On a first alarm structure fire, the fire department dispatches 3 engines and 4 tenders. On second and third alarms, the fire department dispatches 5 additional engines and 3 tenders.

The department’s fire apparatus include:


  • Engine 431 1500 gpm engine with 750 gallons of water
  • Engine 432 1250 gpm engine with 750 gallons of water
  • Engine 433 500 gpm Wildland Urban Interface engine with 500 gallons of water
  • Engine 434 1500 gpm engine with 1000 gallons of water
  • Engine 435 500gpm Wildland Urban Interface engine with 500 gallons of water
  • Total Pumping Capacity: 5250gpm

Tenders (Tankers):

  • Tender 461 3000 gallon tender (tanker)
  • Tender 462 2000 gallon tender (tanker)
  • Tender 463 2000 gallon tender (tanker)
  • Tender 464 3500 gallon tender (tanker)
  • Total water carrying Capacity: 10,250 gallons

The District has an ISO rating of 5 for all areas within 5 miles of a fire station; and a rating of 10 for all areas more than 5 miles from a fire station. Only 10% of the district has fire hydrants. The protected areas are:

  • King’s Valley (all)
  • Will-O’-Wisp (all)
  • Aspen Park (certain commercial buildings only)
  • Conifer Town Center
  • Conifer Village (certain commercial buildings only)

In addition, there are 113 cisterns ranging from 3,500 to 80,000 gallons; and 12 dry hydrants in ponds, lakes or rivers in the district.

The district has recognized tanker credit from ISO for all areas within 5 miles of a fire station greater than 1000’ from a standard pressurized fire hydrant. These areas qualify for an ISO rating of class 5.