The Elk Creek Fire Department

Elk Creek Fire Logo

The Elk Creek Fire Protection District is a mostly volunteer combination Fire Department.

Staffed with:

2 Career Chief Officers

9 Career Line Firefighter/ Paramedics

41 Volunteer Firefighter/ EMS Providers

2 Seasonal Wildland Firefighters

1 District Administrator

Elk creek fire historic

The Elk Creek Fire Department was formed in 1948 by local residents who recognized the need to provide the community with fire protection. Completely volunteer and dependent on donations and using WW II surplus equipment the Department provided a much needed service to the community.

In last 69 years the call volume has increased to 1240 calls per year (2016) that are answered by the staff. The department now has full time firefighters that work 48 hour shifts, state of the art firefighting and EMS equipment as well as a love to serve our mountain community.