It is your responsibility as a home or business owner to prepare for future wildfires in the area, and Elk Creek Fire Department can help. The voluntary property assessment program helps homeowners prepare for wildfire by inspecting the structure and surrounding area for vulnerabilities to multiple wildfire threats. The assessment also includes information on what to expect during a wildfire event and how to best prepare for evacuation. The property assessment program is currently provided to residents in the Elk Creek Fire Protection District free of charge. You can request an assessment here.

After we receive your application, the Elk Creek Wildland Specialist will call to schedule an assessment. The process generally takes around 2 hours, but it could take a bit more time depending on the property. As this is an educational program, property owners must take part in the assessment process. Once the assessment is completed, a Wildfire Mitigation Report will be provided to guide your mitigation efforts.

For more information on the home assessment program, please visit Wildfire Prepared and Rotary Wildfire Ready.

Additional Resources

Colorado State Forest Service Defensible Space Guidelines – These defensible space guidelines are a great reference for the standards that are followed during the home assessment process.

Institute for Business and Home Safety Disaster Guide – This website contains a robust collection of resources for home and business owners. Watch the ember test video to see why building and landscaping materials are critical in the survival of a structure during a wildfire.

FireWise Plant Materials – Colorado State University Extension’s list of plants that are more resistant to wildfire.

Colorado Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction – Information on state income tax deductions for wildfire mitigation expenses.