Rookie Fire Fighter Expectations


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The Elk Creek Fire Academy is a six month program that provides both theoretical and hands-on training designed to help prepare candidates to test for a number of different certifications including Colorado’s Firefighter I. These certifications alone do not make you a firefighter. You should be prepared to continue your education throughout your entire fire service career.

The Elk Creek Fire Academy is open to Elk Creek rookies as well as members from our neighboring fire districts wishing to attend.

While this academy does not have a physical fitness program built in to it there will be some training sessions where you will be pushed hard physically. It is strongly recommended that you begin a physical fitness program prior to entering the academy and stick with it throughout your entire fire service career.

The fire service can be a dangerous business, but we manage risk through education, preparedness, and teamwork. Your safety is always top priority and you should remember these simple rules:

We will risk a lot... save a life.

We will risk a little... save property.

We will risk NOTHING... save a life or property already lost.

Burn Building Live Fire Training

High Angle Rescue

Wildland Fire Field Day

Vehicle Fire Training

Making Entry