In 2005, Anchor Point Fire Management of Boulder, Colorado, completed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for the Elk Creek Fire Protection District. This plan is available on this website.

While the plan makes many recommendations it clearly states:

The most important goal for the improvement of life safety and property preservation is for every home to have conforming defensible space. Defendable space will do more to limit fire related property damage than any other single recommendation in the report.

ECFPD Defendable Space Recommendations:

  1. 1.Start. Sometimes the task may seem overwhelming but doing something is far better than nothing. We recommend that you start close to the house and work out, each year there after you maintain what you’ve done already and then expand further. Sorry but defendable space work is ongoing forever.

  2. 2.All buildings should have a permanently posted, reflective address sign. Placed at the driveway entrance these signs must be visible from both directions of travel. If you have a common driveway each address should be displayed at the end of the driveway and individual addresses posted as the single driveway splits off.

  3. 3.Clean pine needles and debris from your gutters and roof top.

  4. 4.Trim branches that overhang your roof.

  5. 5.Remove branches at least 15 feet away from your chimney.

  6. 6.Remove flammable vegetation at least 15 feet away from your structure.

  7. 7.Keep grasses mowed to 6 inches within 30 feet of your structures.

  8. 8.Stack firewood at least 30 feet from your structures and keep flammable vegetation at least 15 feet from your wood pile.

  9. 9.Thin trees 10 to 12 foot crown spacing in the defendable space (typically 75 feet around your structure on flat land, further on the downhill side). An occasional clumping of 2 or 3 tress is acceptable and helps give a more natural appearance.

  10. 10.Remove shrubs and prune lower branches from under tress in your defendable space. Typically prune branches up to 10 feet off the ground.

  11. 11.Remove all slash from your property. Chipping, burning in season with a permit, or slash removal sites.

  12. 12.Move propane tanks at least 30 feet from your structures and vegetation at least 10 feet from the tank.

  13. 13.Clean under your decks, do not cover so you can easily clean and firefighters can see under.

  14. 14.Remove dead trees.

  15. 15.Convince your neighbor to do the same.

Please review the web sites on the left for more information on wildland-urban interface issues in the Elk Creek area.

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