Temporary Stage 1 Fire Restrictions issued for areas within
Unincorporated Jefferson County - details
Burn Ban in effect for Park County - details

Open burning information: Elk Creek Fire does not regulate open burning. Fire restrictions and bans are determined by the sheriff of each county. To find out what the current fire restrictions are contact Jefferson County at (303) 277-0211 if you live in Jefferson County or  contact Park County at (719) 836-4160 if you live in Park County.

Colorado Fire Bans & Danger

Fire Restriction Descriptions

Areas within the Elk Creek Fire Protection District fall under a number of different governmental jurisdictions and each such jurisdiction can institute burn restrictions and requirements. See our Burn Jurisdictions page for information about each such jurisdiction.

Below is a general description of various stages of Fire Restriction. Each jurisdiction has its own specific do’s and don’ts that will be listed in the order when it is issued. Exemptions, which may be numerous, will also be listed in the particular order

Stage I:

  1. NO campfires, coal, or wood burning stoves, any type of charcoal fueled broilers, or open fire of any type.

  2. NO smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building.

  3. NO explosives (i.e.: fireworks, blasting caps).

  4. NO welding, except within an enclosed building.

  5. NO operating an internal combustion engine without a spark arrestor.

Stage II:

Stage I restrictions plus the following:

  1. Overnight camping restricted.

  2. NO motorized vehicles allowed off designated roadways.

  3. NO chainsaw use outside of the hours of 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

  4. NO chainsaw use without a fire extinguisher or pointed shovel within reach of the user.

Stage III:

Stage II restrictions plus the following:

  1. Some public land closed.

Further information about fire restrictions can be found at the website for the Colorado Division of Emergency Management.


At the present time Recreational Fire Open Burn Permits are not required for residents of Elk Creek Fire Protection District.

The following are Safety Suggestions:

  1. -Burn sites should be clear of any flammable ground cover and trees, and should be at least 25 feet from any structure or combustible material.

  1. -Water should be available at the burn site from a garden hose. The hose should reach at least 25 feet beyond the burn site when connected to the water source.

  1. -Recreational fires may not exceed three feet in diameter with no more than two foot flames.

  1. -A sober adult should attend the fire until the fire is “cold out”.

  1. -Do not burn trash, paper, building materials, flammable liquids, hazardous material or any material that emits a harmful vapor or smoke.

  1. -During fire restrictions (also called stage I fire restrictions) fires are permitted only in permanent fire grates. See Jefferson County or Park County websites for more information on approved fire grates for each county. http://jeffco.us/sheriff or http://www.parkco.us

  1. -NO recreational fires are permitted during fire bans (also called stage II fire restrictions).

  1. - Always check with the appropriate Sheriff’s Office to confirm if any fire restrictions are in effect in your area: Jefferson County 303-271-0211 or Park County 719-836-4121 option 5.

- YOU are responsible for keeping your fire in control. If it escapes for any reason, you may be liable for all suppression costs and may face fines.

      Your attention and consideration are appreciated!